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CARE for Elders & Health- Solution for Safe Home-Aging and other Health Solutions.

The CARE for Elders & Health system is a new tier of tele-service - delivering a component of support that allows for Elders to age at home safely - giving every First Nation the opportunity to now provide a viable, effective, simple, and non-intrusive program - intrinsic of culture, language and holistic elements

CARE for Elders & Health provides First Nations, Metis, Inuit and other Indigenous organizations responsible for the care of Elders a proactive, automated on-call monitoring service that contacts every Elder in a specialized, proactive and consistent method by telephone to ensure they are well. This supportive program enhances our Elders in maintaining their independence by remaining safely in their own homes, with the watchful members of the community, and with the proper home care support, by way of a reassuring wellness check to also provide peace of mind for their family and friends. CARE is more than a call system, it is a lifeline and that will help to keep these spiritual and cultural leaders who are so central to the First Nation identity where they belong - residing safely in their communities.

CARE for Elders & Health can also do medication reminders to assist in medicinal compliance and better health outcomes. CARE for Elders will also update our Elders and others of doctor appointments, vaccination schedules and much more.

CARE for Elders & Health service is not designed to replace other forms of care, but complements them. We help you integrate and customize the CARE program based on your community needs, resources and protocols. The NationTalk is the organization behind this initiative - dedicated to the advancement of Indigenous prosperity and community development by bringing together individuals, organizations and enterprises with real world solutions to opportunities and challenges. Visit NationTalk at www.NationTalk.ca for more information.