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CARE Environmental is the most reliable instant mass notification system for emergencies in Canada today.  Our commitment is to protect our communities in the event of environmental spills, floods, fire, transportation accidents, school situation’s and natural disasters.  The CARE system has over 20 years of experience in emergency contact management, we have over 2,000 (traditional) Bell Canada lines with another 1,000 on standby to handle any critical situation.

CARE Elder & Health provides a means for elders to feel safe and supported. CARE provides automated wellness calls that connect with seniors daily to ensure their safety.  Subscribers receive these calls one or two times per day as needed. The service will also contact not just Elders but subscribers by telephone on a daily basis to provide them reminders to take their medication, doctor appointments and other health matters. If the elder does not pick up the call, a second call will be made for someone to check on them be emergency services or friends and family or both.

The aim of the Education CARE Program is to quickly respond to school emergencies. The elementary, secondary or post-secondary school can have mass notifications in minutes in the case of emergencies whether weather related, man with a gun, missing persons and a custom Alert systems. Lastly, the communications solution can also support the in the case of absences due to truancy or other and it is always automated.