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Are you ready to respond to any situations or disasters?

Edu care

If you were faced with a snow storm, or an emergency, or any other situation which required your school to contact many different people at once in a short period of time? The nature and range of urgent situations include both naturally occurring and human-induced emergencies. NationTalk, in partnership, would like to give you the opportunity to acquire one of the most powerful emergency notification software that will make sure that the correct people are always contacted within the minimum amount of time.

With this offering, schools would be able to:

  • Fully automate absence notifications, connecting them to industry databases;
  • Send notices relative to teacher absences or class time modifications;
  • Send notices relative to grades being available;
  • Institution closings;
  • Meetings, activities, fundraising reminders;
  • Priority messages in case of emergency or crisis (bomb threats, man with gun or other);
  • Notify students relative to homework and assignments;
  • Insert automated communications within the existing security protocol;
  • Communicate with school transport providers and any other services;
  • And so much more.

The solution benefits:

The benefits of this technology are substantial. Schools are able to use our solutions to send automated alerts out to teachers, to give them reminders, schedule events, and even for emergency purposes. When contacting students and families, our solutions can send out automatic alerts to let parents know if their child has missed class, if report cards are coming out soon, and again, for emergencies. Moreover, it can also get a hold of substitute teachers, in the event that one of their teachers is ill or is otherwise not going to be able to teach their class. This technology has a unique ability to place call priority preferences, allowing the school to create a hierarchy of substitute teachers. The system will then go down the hierarchy, starting with the school's most preferred substitute. If this teacher is unavailable, the system will then contact the next desired, and so on and so forth.  

Visit www.thecareprogram.ca for more information about CARE. Please contact info@thecareprogram.ca or call (866) 651-8516 to get started.

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