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Mass or Targeted Communications: The ultimate tool to send, track and report on voice, email, text and social messages! Fire, flood, man with gun, transportation emergencies such as truck, train and pipeline spills are just some of the uses for this life saving call management solution. For purposes as varied as the distribution of information, surveys or triggering alerts, you will be able to easily conduct all your call campaigns. Available in cloud computing, as a stand-alone server (installed on your site) or as a hybrid version, that allows a perfect integration into your environment.

Reach thousands of citizens in minutes!


  1. Web platform and community portal
  2. Multimedia: voice, text (SMS) messages, emails and faxes
  3. Powerful customizable data manager multiple databases
  4. Multiple and hierarchical coordinates
  5. Possibility of sub-contacts, user- friendly and flexible planning assistant
  6. Real time broadcasts campaign display

CARE Communication is the ultimate tool for mass notification. It brings the experience of a mature, robust solution and complete solution regardless of the context. For sending telephone and text (SMS) messages, emails and faxes,

CARE Communication is a must. Contact a maximum number of people in minimum amount of time has never been easier. The flexibility that offers by the complementary solutions to CARE Environmental opens a wide range of opportunities for all sectors of activity. CARE Environmental is much more than an automated calling unit; it is a complete management tool for mass media and emergency situations.

With its multiple features, it is possible to assign several coordinates to a single contact in addition to group contacts according to their interest. Calls can then be made based on several criteria, including the timeslot of diffusion, established priority, callback options, and interactions with the respondent. CARE Communication meets the highest national and international safety standards. It offers the advanced access management, the traceability of the operations as well as visualization of the campaigns in real time. These features are in addition to the multiple options of post call-campaign reports. CARE Environmental allows the integration of databases from multiple sources. CARE Environmental is the ultimate tool for mass notification in emergency situation.


CARE Communication is an automated call system enabling a massive transmission of telephone messages /text (SMS), emails and faxes.

Call server

  • Integration: in cloud computing via our servers, in a proprietary environment or in hybrid (combination of both).
  • MS Internet Information Server (IIS) version 7 or later.
  • MS Server SQL version 2008 or later.

Work station

  • All equipment (PC, smartphone, tablet...) equipped with a recent Web browser (MS Internet Explorer version 8.0 or later, Safari, Chrome or Firefox). Software installed on a PC running MS Windows Server 2003 or later (Windows version workstation Vista or later is also possible), connected to the telephone network (directly or behind a PBX) through specialized voice interfaces.

Data base

  • Multiples databases.
  • Coordinates; multiple and hierarchical.
  • Possibility of sub-contacts.
  • Possibility to integrate several phone numbers, SMS, fax or Email per contact.
  • Ability to integrate lists of external contacts for broadcast without integration into the Data Manager. MS Excel or
  • CSV format via a user- friendly wizard.
  • Tool for automatic synchronization with external data base.

Messages recording

  • Recording messages from any phone (landline or mobile).
  • Possibility of recording or integration of a WAVE file.
  • Possibility to integrate speech synthesis (TTS) available in several languages.

Call campaign planning

  • Planning of several broadcasts of calls, immediate or deferred.
  • Access to several active broadcasts simultaneously.
  • Assignment of priorities to the various calls campaigns.
  • Choice of contacts by selection criteria or by cartographic location.
  • Selection planning for automated calls that may be activated in a few seconds.
  • Calendars, schedules models and management model of interaction.
  • Possibility to modify, stop, suspend an ongoing call campaign.
  • Ability to retrieve the contacts from a completed campaign (no response, unconfirmed, responders...) to issue a new calls campaign.
  • Ability to remotely start a call campaign by phone, Web interface or by using a VPN link.

Call tracking

  • Detailed monitoring of a call campaign in progress on screen and in real time.
  • Detailed history of every call by contact.
  • Reviewing history by campaign and by contact.
  • Detailed Report, semi detail report or general summary of a call campaign.

Call broadcasting

  • Repeat of the call in case of no-response or busy.
  • Detection of answering machine (very high success rate).
  • Ability to add and reach a phone extension number.
  • Possibility of confirmation of reception of a call by pressing a number on the keypad.
  • Interactivity offering the choice of confirmation or refutation of the proposed language of the message, to replay the message or to listen to another message etc...
  • Advanced control Access.
  • Advance access control multi-user (possibility of having an unlimited number of workstations).
  • Control access at the application entry.
  • Definition of functionality available by user.
  • Group management of user.
  • Very detailed monitoring of operations performed by each user.